Hats by Bijou Van Ness

Impeccably fusing the romantics of 20th century fashion in Europe with the distinct style that marked the beginning of Hollywood's infamous glamour, Bijou Van Ness embodies just that in each and every uniquely designed hat. Founder, Rehn Dudukgian, who currently resides in the heart of Hollywood, but has lived everywhere from Paris to Singapore, designs each hat by hand with pure silks, fine crystals, and vintage brooches: one of a kind materials, that have been imported from all over the world. With Rehn being inspired not only by her travels, but her acute sense for the idiosyncrasies encompassing each and every era of fashion, a new line of hers is sure to always be more stunning than the last, while still bringing a new innovative look to the images of fashion that centuries of women have loved. "I'm sick of the little black dress; I think the little black dress needs to be accompanied by a little something more," Rehn says about the reason she went into designing hats. A woman in a hat is always the ultimate sign of class, poise, and the fervor of a forgotten generation of ever-confident females. When you see a beautiful woman in a beautiful hat, you know she's not afraid to be seen. Bijou Van Ness is not afraid to let her be seen.